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Sunrise Over Saco Bay

Flotilla 24 D1NR Saco Bay, Saco Maine


The Auxiliary Operations Program allows members to participate as crew or coxswains on safety patrols, marine events, and regattas. All during the boating season. Safety Patrols are conducted almost every weekend between Memorial Day and Labor Day, and on National Holidays. Flotilla members often train with crew members on Coast Guard patrols in the Casco Bay area.

Boat House at Station South Portland
The boat house at Station South Portland, ME
From left, RHIB 21', MLB 47' and the UTB 41'

The Shackle is one of a fleet of 11 small Coast Guard Tugboats. Shackle is 65 feet long, displaces 72 tons, is 19 feet abeam. She has a single 400hp engine which will cruise her at about 10 knots. A crew of 6 is required. The primary activities of these small harbor tugs are domestic ice breaking, port security, search and rescue, and law enforcement operations in rivers and near shore areas. Each vessel in the fleet is named after a piece of deck hardware, such as Cleat, Bollard, Bridle, Tackle, Chock, Pendant, Line, Wire, Hawser, Capstan and Shackle. Members of Flotilla 2-4 and Flotilla 2-1 have trained on the Shackle to augment her crew on missions in the Casco Bay Area. Current training includes In Port Watch, and underway Navigator and Helmsman.
USCGC Shackle
Members of Flotilla 24 Augment the Crew of
USCGC Shackle, WYTL 65609